If it seems like infographics are all the rage these days, it’s for good reason. Infographics quickly present facts and statistics in an aesthetically pleasing manner that is quick and easy to understand. You can get your content out to an eager audience in one well-designed image that is prime material for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, or Google+. Here’s a collection of five of our latest favorite infographics collected around the internet and some tips on how you can benefit from infographics too.

A Brief History of YouTube Views

SocialNewsDaily provided this great infographic about the history of everyone’s favorite video social network. The infographic uses a simple, elegant design that is visually appealing and helps to guide your eye along, like a traditional time-line. You don’t need flashy graphics to make an infographic work, just a great color pallet, an eye for typography, and strong design.

A timeline history of YouTube

Top Password Mistakes

It might seem like every week there’s a new twitter hack making the news, and it’s no wonder why: people don’t use strong passwords for social media. Computer World provides this infographic to explain what passwords are just waiting to be hacked, and what passwords are iron clad. This graphic packs a lot of information into one design, but through the use of simple and effective icons, the graph keeps your eye flowing through the information without causing confusion. Looks like you should put the dictionary down and start banging randomly at the keyboard for your next password.

How strong is your password?

Evaluate Your Facebook Page

HubSpot produces numerous amazing infographics, and even provides a tool to assist with the creation of infographics for other marketers. So it should come as no surprise that we appreciate this elegant checklist that will help improve your social media presence. This infographic is as straight-forward as can be; the bright and cheerful colors make you want to read more and the title promises results.

A checklist to evaluate your Facebook page

Bouncerate Demystified

There is no subject that infographics won’t address. They provide everything from informational reports to how-to guides for any task. KISSmetrics shows that nothing is too complex or technical for an infographic. Here, a mathematical equation is presented and you still want to read this. The design has fun with the verb “bounce”, taking your eye on a fun journey and proving that you don’t even need images to create an effective infographic: great typography will engage your audience just as well (sometimes even better).

Infographic explaining how bouncerate works

Movies Watched in 2012

Designer Niege Borges created this infographic that tells you nothing more than what movies he watched last year, proving that an infographic doesn’t even have to be useful to have appeal. Viewers relate to this infographic, hunting for movies they’ve seen themselves and agreeing or disagreeing with the assessments made in the image. Most importantly, it still provides actual information to the user. It may not benefit the user in any way, but there is a clear purpose to the infographic. Ultimately, the design of this infographic is a great way to present a lot of data in an eloquent layout that excites and inspires the viewer.

Movies watched in 2012

Tips for designing your own infographics

Feeling inspired yet? Infographics are endless in their possibilities. Keep the following tips in mind when building your own:

  • Visually engage audience with interesting images
  • Keep it simple – don’t overwhelm or confuse the viewer
  • Chronological order works well – guide the viewer through your info
  • Draw attention to interesting statistics and facts
  • Be careful to proofread – you don’t want typos spreading all over the internet!
  • A simple and elegant color scheme can be much more visually appealing than an image-heavy graphic

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